Who we are

We are the Asociación ecolóxica Cultural Aldea Cubelos, since 2020. There are three amazing houses here, along with 21 goats, three dogs and a forest.


Deforestation, bush clearing, eradication of local wildlife, and intentional arsonists are the main causes of fires in Galicia. Fires have been happening since the middle of the 1990s, and 40% of all fires and 50% of the area burned in Spain each year are in Galicia.
Eucalyptus and acacia, non local trees, were planted by the locals, as they were a great source of income in the past. Nowadays, these trees have infested the forests and increased the risk of wildfires. Furthermore, they require a lot of water, which dries up the soil and in turn is becoming a huge problem in summer for the people who are living there.


We want to get the goats helping us clean the forest, by eating Eucalyptus and Acacia that put the forests at risk. We want to grow a lawn instead, in order for our animals to be fed, while also planting new trees for our land – like fruit trees and/or aboriginal species.


We also organize events! We held a spring festival in May, a nice magosto with chestnut and a workshop on mushrooms in October.

Meet the goats

It may be the case that I look at you top-to-bottom, with lovely smirk on my face. That’s also part of my skill set on how to deal with human beings!
I like jumping and climbing and eating and staring.

Hi, I my name is Abril. I am very proud of my baby goats, they are sweet, playful and always hungry!
Being a goat mom can be tiring, but also very rewarding. I love my baby goats and the peaceful life we lead here on the farm. I hope to share many more adventures with them and with you!

I am a few days old, and already a sociable creature. I like chewing chairs with my baby goat friends and spending time with my little brothers and mother. I love to eat fresh grass and drink milk.
I hope to have the opportunity to meet many of you and share with you my goaty joy of living in this beautiful place!

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